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Forrester B2B Marketing & Sales 2018: Meeting The Business Consumer On Their Terms Requires Dynamic, Customer-First Experiences

The business consumer has become more self-focused than ever before, challenging marketing and sales teams to give up the reins of their buyers’ journeys and adapting their go-to-market strategies to fully embrace buyer expectations. This concept was discussed in detail during B2B Marketing & Sales 2018, an event hosted by Forrester Research in Austin on October 25-26. During the opening keynote, Forrester’s VP and Research Director Caroline Robertson detailed how B2B buyers today have grown even more indifferent to sellers — expecting to be the center of any form of engagement and to have outcomes that align to their own business goals.

New Approaches For Nurturing Debut At SiriusDecisions Summit; Alternative Approaches Address Changing Capabilities & Realities

When SiriusDecisions introduced its Demand Unit Waterfall at its 2017 Summit, the new framework generated buzz and interest as a model for planning and tracking account-based strategies. It also created immediate questions and some concern over how brands could operationalize and apply campaigns around demand units, as opposed to leads.

Top 5 Sales Forecasting Trends To Watch In 2018

1jlohPredicting the future is difficult, as everyone who has ever put a sales forecast together knows all too well. It’s important: Sales are the lifeblood of a profitable business and it’s difficult to make informed decisions without a good read on what’s in the pipeline for the next quarter. Which customers should the team focus on next? What territories need more resources? What’s the right product price?

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