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/Televerde, the demand generation and sales acceleration solutions provider, unveiled Morag Lucey as the company’s new CEO. Lucey succeeds Jim Hooker, who has led Televerde as its CEO since 1996 and will be retiring, according to the company.

As the company’s first female CEO, Lucey is tasked with overseeing all of Televerde’s operations while also continuing to strengthen its commitment to working with disempowered groups — specifically incarcerated women in the United States. Lucey has roughly 25 years of marketing leadership experience, holding executive- and senior-level positions at companies such as BAE Systems, Convergys and SAP. Most recently, Lucey was the CMO of the unified communications and cloud business solutions provider Avaya, where she was a Televerde customer.

“Televerde has made its mark as a valued strategic partner for its clients while providing training and career opportunities for incarcerated women,” Lucey said in a statement. “During my tenure, we will grow our client base and support them by expanding our business model to provide opportunities for other disempowered communities. I believe in and am truly inspired by Televerde’s approach to business and will focus on helping other businesses, whether clients or peers, embrace our socially responsible approach.”

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Spotlight: Bulldog Solutions RevenueForce https://www.demandgenreport.com/features/solution-spotlight/spotlight-bulldog-solutions-revenueforce https://www.demandgenreport.com/features/solution-spotlight/spotlight-bulldog-solutions-revenueforce

RevenueForceBulldog Solutions’ RevenueForce system is a holistic approach to marketing campaign architecture, design and execution. RevenueForce incorporates audience acquisition, buyer insight assessments, solution nurturing and sales enablement into a highly focused campaign aligned to unique buyer issues.

RevenueForceBulldog Solutions’ RevenueForce system is a holistic approach to marketing campaign architecture, design and execution. RevenueForce incorporates audience acquisition, buyer insight assessments, solution nurturing and sales enablement into a highly focused campaign aligned to unique buyer issues.

Key Features

Bulldog’s RevenueForce takes an integrated approach to campaign architecture that delivers maximum campaign conversions and revenue impact by identifying and messaging to key buyer issues and driving dynamic, relevant content throughout their buyer’s journey.

The RevenueForce system incorporates:

  • Thought leadership awareness campaigns to drive audience acquisition and top-of-funnel awareness nurturing.
  • Online Buyer Insight Assessments that provide compelling calls-to-action, giving marketers an interactive way to identify and score key business issues for each prospect.
  • Issue-Centric Solution Nurtures deliver highly targeted and dynamic messaging and content specifically to address each buyer's key business issues.
  • Dynamic Prospect-Specific Sales Playbooks deliver insight to the sales team on each prospect's unique issues, as well as individualized message points and call guides to map their solutions to the prospect’s needs.

Targeted Users

The RevenueForce system is a valuable tool for all marketing leaders who are responsible for delivering improvement in the performance of their marketing programs.


The RevenueForce system is compatible with marketing automation platforms, such as Eloqua and Marketo, which support the development of automated nurtures driven from extensions to their base data models. The system also leverages CRM integration to deliver lead scoring results and prospect-specific sales playbooks.

Delivery And Pricing Models

Pricing for the RevenueForce system is based on factors, including the number of issues to be identified and scored in the assessment, the resulting number of nurture communications, and the level of specificity in the sales playbooks.

Current Clients

DexOne, Avaya and other clients have deployed campaigns based on the RevenueForce system. DexOne recently received the 2012 Eloqua Markie Award for Rookie Of The Year, based on the results and time to market of the company's "How Findable Are You" campaign, which also leveraged the Revenueforce solution.

Competitive Positioning

 The RevenueForce system delivers an integrated solution that leverages the optimal messaging, content and tools for specific prospects at all stages of the buyer's journey. Solution nurtures and online sales playbooks are all dynamically driven based on the unique business issues identified in the online business insight assessments.

Contact Info

For more information about the Bulldog Solutions RevenueForce system, please contact Jason Andrade by email at jandrade@bulldogsolutions.com or by phone at 877-402-9199.

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Former Avaya CMO Argues For, Always-On Approach To Demand Engines https://www.demandgenreport.com/features/news-briefs/former-avaya-cmo-argues-for-always-on-approach-to-demand-engines https://www.demandgenreport.com/features/news-briefs/former-avaya-cmo-argues-for-always-on-approach-to-demand-engines

One of the earliest adopters of lead nurturing and campaign management is now proposing that drip marketing and long-term campaigns aren’t keeping up with the “always on” aspect of the Web 2.0 world. During a recent presentation at the IDC Sales & Marketing Effectiveness Summit in New York, ex-Avaya CMO Jocelyn Attal argued that time is now for a fundamental approach to engaging BtoB buyers.

Attal has started a new company called JAgency whose mission is to guide companies toward an “Always On Lead Engine.” That engine will be driven by a continuous interactive “live experience” that allows prospects to connect at all times through personalized interfaces.  The always-on lead engine, according to Attal, will be a demand creation strategy that brings all elements of technology together with a human touch for prospects.

“The customer wants to get information out of any interaction with a company,” she says. “The information dictates the customer experience. The way I see it an ‘always on’ lead engine will combine social media, with interactive websites, contact centers and live chat with the end goal of human interaction and eventually customer conversion. Yes, it will lean heavily on a website. But that website must be personalized for the customer and affordable for the company to deliver.”

Attal’s approach is based on economic conditions and the competitive landscape. The economy has pressurized sales performance, go-to-market cycles, and the ability to bear the costs of individual lead campaigns. The campaign approach, she says, is too expensive to sustain. “Always on” takes the concept of a campaign and stretches it across a real-time interactive experience. From a competitive standpoint, she believes the campaign method of lead management takes too long to collect, analyze and then execute against. Using interactive touchpoint is more visible and immediate.

The first step in building this engine is the multi-touch point customer interactions. The second stage is in constantly changing the offer. Maybe it revolves from loyalty, to new pricing, new applications for the customer, or simply new messaging. The offer, she believes, must be relevant to that company and its place in the current market.

As an example of the new approach she points to an IT company which has 1,000 key prospects. For that set of companies the IT company would design web sites that contained personalized content,  and would automatically route emails to the proper contact, and eventually to a live agent or executive. Product information would also be customized and always available, once again with live agents available for questions. All activity at this website would be monitored and followed up where necessary.

The approach begs the question, what’s the difference between the Live Experience and a virtual trade show? Attal is comfortable with the comparison and virtual events will be a key component for JAgency. The difference is the combined usage of email, social networks and the customization of the web pages.

“I see this growing rapidly for IT, pharma and retail,” she says. “Keep the conversation going and keep the action going. That is best done through the live experience.”

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