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Audience Data And Predictive Analytics Bring B2C Advantages To B2B Marketers

Travis Kaufman Feb 2016B2B marketers are often envious of their B2C counterparts getting all the cool stuff. But when the B2B crowd tries to learn a few tricks from their consumer-facing colleagues, they find that many B2C tactics are better suited to selling candy bars than copying machines. Plus, a candy bar isn’t usually a considered purchase with a long sales cycle and multiple influencers. Unless you have kids.

People Pattern Obtains $4.5M In Series A Funding

People Pattern logoPeople Pattern, a marketing analytics platform, has received $4.5 million in Series A funding. The investment will allow People Pattern to deploy its technology on a much broader level, according to company officials.

The platform automates the collection and analysis of audience data, and combines social business and data science. This equips marketers with predictive segmentation data in real-time to better recognize, target and engage active and potential consumers.

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