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Evergage Launches Recommendation Tool To Enhance Personalization Platform

EG REC Web Screen Shot featEvergage, a real-time personalization solutions provider, launched a new recommendations tool designed to suggest relevant content and products based on a prospect's behavior on the company website.

Available through the company's personalization platform, Evergage Recommend positions users to provide prospects with a relevant buying experience to help accelerate the buying process and boost conversion rates. The tool analyzes behavioral data to identify a website visitor's expressed or implied preferences. The solution can also compare prospects to recently closed business to identify the types of content that resonates within similar target audiences.

Other features include:

  • A view of Evergage's behavioral algorithms to enable users to identify the implications of their product or content recommendation strategies, allowing users to adapt their strategies in real-time;
  • The ability to use individual visitor behavioral data, including time spent and overall engagement, instead of product popularity data based on clicks or purchases; and
  • The capability to A/B test different strategies, as well as use CRM, segment, survey and social affinity data.

"This is an exciting new offering for our customers, and we’re thrilled to provide a tightly integrated platform for making relevant recommendations that are uniquely tailored to each individual’s experience," said Karl Wirth, co-founder and CEO, Evergage.

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