Hotjar Introduces AI-Powered Research Assistant

Published: September 12, 2023

Hotjar is a provider of website heatmaps and behavior analytics tools designed to help product teams empathize with their end-users and deliver value by making the right product improvements.

The Lowdown

Hotjar AI is an AI-powered research assistant designed to help product teams and marketers analyze surveys and customer responses, and then provide actionable recommendations.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Hotjar allows users to create surveys in a click with the new Survey Generator, which works by imputing research goals into Hotjar AI. The tool is designed to help create the surveys and ensure users are asking the right questions to get the actionable insights they need.

The tool also allows users to instantly summarize survey findings with Automated Summary Reports. Hotjar AI will analyze open-ended survey responses and provide a summary of the findings, quotes to support them and actionable recommendations for next steps.

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Who It’s For

Product and marketing teams are often bogged down with manual searches for feedback, which can slow down the research process. Now with Hotjar AI, artificial intelligence handles the tasks of creating and analyzing surveys based on research goals, enabling product and marketing teams to focus on what they do best.

What It Solves

Recent advancements in AI have transformed marketing, product management and user research, enabling businesses to analyze extensive data and understand consumer behavior. This has unlocked new possibilities and made it essential to leverage AI’s power for customer-centric innovation and business success.

What Makes It Special

Hotjar’s mission is to inspire change through empathy, but the company claims that it’s difficult to develop genuine empathy with users if marketers feel like they’re adrift in a sea of data and lacking the time and resources to turn that data into genuine insight.


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