Future Proof Your Marketing Automation: 7 Considerations to Select a System That Won’t Turn Obsolete

David_03_06By David M. Raab, Principal, Raab Associates

It’s almost a cliché that today’s buyers can gather product information for themselves. No one has taken this to heart more than marketing automation vendors, which publish mountains of information on their own web sites and subsidize distribution of still more by third parties. But even the most complete information and insightful analysis can’t accurately predict the future. Since the future is when you’ll use any marketing automation system you buy today, that’s a problem.

New Report Spotlights Expanding Role Of Marketing In Relationship Building

Focused on the changing buying cycle trends, a new report from Raab Associates, Inc., spotlights the new roles of marketing and offers tips on the type of information that should be made available to prospects at different phases of the engagement process.

The report “Lead Management: Get Started with a New Strategy for Buyer-Centric Marketing and Selling,” indicates that the way prospects receive information about companies has evolved over time. In the past, salespeople were the primary information distributors, while marketing’s job was to find and qualify prospects.

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