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TechTarget Enhances Priority Engine Platform With ‘Confirmed Projects’ Feature

TechTarget, Inc., a provider of B2B technology purchase intent data and services, updated its Priority Engine offering by integrating Confirmed Projects intelligence into the platform. Confirmed Projects seeks to provide sales teams with early notification of verified projects underway in their territories.

Priority Engine is a SaaS-based B2B purchase intent insights platform designed to deliver direct access to active in-market accounts and the named active prospects doing pre-purchase research. Confirmed Project intent was created to help further augment the platform’s value with direct access to verified deals in process and the ability to filter territory views and lists. Specific capabilities include:

  • Direct confirmation that an upcoming purchase will be taking place within a 12-month timeframe;
  • Providing information surrounding purchase requirements, challenges, desired outcomes, location, timeframe and vendor short-list information; and
  • Triple-verifying contact data and role in the purchase process.

“Thousands of B2B sellers use Priority Engine every day to fuel their outbound efforts by discovering new active buyers in their territories plus prospect-level intent that helps them break through,” said Andrew Briney, Chief Product Officer of TechTarget, in a statement. “The integration of Confirmed Projects into Priority Engine gives them a unique ability to attack and revive stalled mid-funnel opportunities with precise, actionable details on verified purchase plans.”