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Terminus Acquires GrowFlare To Improve Account Identification For Revenue Teams

ABM platform Terminus has acquired account intelligence platform GrowFlare, aiming to improve its Engagement Hub and better help revenue teams identify target accounts, focus on their go-to-market strategies and analyze intent signals.

The acquisition involves direct integration into the Account Engagement Hub, allowing revenue teams to:

  • Identify new or similar target accounts that fit their psychographic profiles;
  • Prioritize accounts with real-time scoring and alerts based on their brand messaging;
  • Leverage customer intelligence and psychographic data to gain a better understanding of their target accounts and their likeliness to buy; and
  • Understand an account’s interests from their website or CRM data.

By acquiring GrowFlare’s psychographic account profiling technology, Terminus users will be positioned to segment their target accounts based on specific firmographic, relationship, intent and psychographic criteria for better account identification.

“GrowFlare adds a highly-differentiated level of account intelligence to the Terminus platform,” said Tim Kopp, CEO of Terminus, in a statement. “Now teams can identify best-fit target accounts instantly, leverage unmatched AI and psychographic data to know exactly what to say and when, all while being more budget efficient. This kind of psychographic data has long been used by B2C marketers to profile their future customers and now B2B marketers can as well. This is the modern approach to uncovering target accounts and accelerate our position as the most intelligent B2B sales marketing and platform available.”