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True Influence To Release InsightBase Version 3.0 For Next-Level Intent Insights

Source: True Influence Source: True Influence

True Influence, an intent-based marketing and demand generation solutions provider, unveiled InsightBase Version 3.0, which aims to deliver contact-level intent data across multiple B2B markets. The announcement was made at MarTech West in San Jose, April 3-5.

The release is designed to connect users with prospects who are actively in market, using True Influence’s Relevance Engine, which has been updated with new AI, machine learning and natural language processing capabilities.

Launching in May 2019, InsightBase Version 3.0 aims to reduce lengthy sales cycles by uncovering best-fit prospects and helping reps connect with them at the right time. It is also designed to provide visibility into:

  • Proprietary intent with a 90-day history;
  • Contact-level intent, including firmographics and demographics;
  • Campaign and account summaries;
  • Company summary;
  • Historical intent trendlines; and
  • Total active market.

“Understanding and utilizing the power of intent is critical to the success of every marketing and sales organization,” said Brian Giese, True Influence CEO, in a statement. “With InsightBase’s advanced technology, we provide market intelligence that dramatically impacts sales and revenue growth for our customers.”