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Uberflip Unveils Sales Assist To Simplify Content Sharing

Uberflip, a digital content experience platform, launched Sales Assist, a sales engagement solution designed to empower sales teams to find and share marketing and sales content with prospects and personalize the buying experience.

Sales Assist aims to help business development reps and account executives pull in relevant content by topic, buying stage, use case and more, allowing them to share content directly from their platforms for increased engagement. The solution also sends reps notifications when the prospect engages with content, enabling them to follow up and personalize the buying experience in real-time.

Additional capabilities include:

  • The ability to create content from Google Docs, PowerPoint and PDFs and share them with prospects from within the platform;
  • Locking the content for both the rep and the prospect via password authentication for secure buying experiences; and
  • Brand-approved templates to engage prospects within a persona, industry, etc.

“Sales teams move a mile a minute and oftentimes don’t have the ability to know which content is approved, let alone which content would provide the most personalized experience,” said Yoav Schwartz, Co-founder and CEO of Uberflip, in a statement. “Uberflip’s Sales Assist makes it seamless for sales reps to send prospects collateral that’s digitally packaged, engaging and — most importantly — delivers exactly what the buyer needs.”