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Acrolinx Releases Updated Platform For AI-Powered Content Creation

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Acrolinx is an content creation platform driven by artificial intelligence (AI). The latest release of the platform, Acrolinx version 5.4, includes refinements and new features designed to streamline content creation and examine performance data to help marketers improve content creation and drive business results.


Acrolinx 5.4 is designed to read content and analyze it with a unique scoring model, which is provided by the client and includes specifications for grammar, tone and word use.

The updated platform also includes several new dashboards. The Analytics Dashboards Configuration aims to provide users with easy access to relevant metrics to increase efficiency during the writing process. The Term Harvesting and Findability Dashboards are positioned to help users find the right keywords during content creation. The platform also enables users to review content by checking smaller sections of a large document against the Acrolinx Score — a proprietary benchmark for measuring content quality.

Acrolinx has also introduced an integration with Google AdWords, which aims to give real-time information from Google about discovered, proposed and target keywords to expedite workflows.


Acrolinx is designed to help marketers across a variety of industries, including software and IT, healthcare and high tech.


Acrolinx 5.4 is a cloud-based solution, with the platform/administration consoles accessible through any standard browser. The Acrolinx Sidebar, which guides users on content grammar, style and clarity, is designed to run in most content authoring environments, including Microsoft Office, Google Docs, advanced XML editors and Adobe Creative Suite. The Sidebar also works within content management systems, including WordPress, Drupal, SDL, Adobe Marketing Cloud and Salesforce.


Acrolinx 5.4 is positioned as an always-on, cloud-based platform.The platform is priced according to a subscription-based model.


Acrolinx clients include Google, Oracle and Citrix.


Acrolinx is designed to use AI for textual analysis and linguistics. Its Natural Language Processing engine aims to use machine learning and knowledge-based AI to provide daily marketing insights and enhance content creation.



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