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Evergage Launches AI-Powered Tool To Monitor Website/App Engagement

Evergage Guardian uses machine learning technology to provide marketers with real-time data, performance visualizations and proactive suggestions for improving customer engagement across websites and mobile apps.   


Evergage Guardian uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to review thousands of metrics to find optimization opportunities and spot potential issues. More specifically, the solution can recognize pattern variations and identify the most significant “signals” that are positively or negatively impacting a company’s goals. This enables marketers to act on their analytics data and optimize digital marketing results.

In addition to looking for variations in website and mobile app performance patterns, Evergage Guardian also monitors:

  • Email, social, ad and personalization campaigns;
  • Traffic from referring sources;
  • Key goals such as conversion rate, average order value and revenue; and
  • Page load performance times.


The solution was designed for marketers, and is universally applicable to all Evergage customers — regardless of industry. Depending on a marketer’s role (SEO, email, content marketing, etc.), the solution can be configured to promote the “signals” most relevant to a specific job function.


Evergage provides out-of-the-box integrations with 25 marketing automation/email marketing systems, CRM solutions, CMS and E-commerce platforms, analytics tools and advertising networks. In addition, customers can pass or pull information to/from virtually any data source using Evergage’s APIs.


Evergage is a SaaS platform and sold as an annual subscription, priced based on unique visitor/user volumes. Evergage Guardian is included for all customers at no additional cost.


Evergage Guardian has been released to select customers and will be available for all Evergage customers by the end of 2016.


Without having to rely on technical resources, an individual marketer can use Evergage to understand every website visitor and app user, build and deploy 1:1 personalization campaigns, as well as analyze and optimize results.


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