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Subscribe Offers AI-Driven Email Solution To Help Improve Sales Prospecting

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AI-Driven Email Prospecting from aims to help sales teams create target and track prospecting emails, as well as generate insights into recipient actions and identify the best time to send.


The solution uses’s Collective Intelligence data that can integrate with third-party video and CRM tools, intending to help users:

  • Deliver attention-grabbing emails to prospects, which positions reps to create, send and track personalized emails with video and multimedia for added engagement;
  • Track email engagement to help respond to motivated buyers at the right moment by tracking opens, clicks, attachment usage and forwards directly from your Outlook or Gmail inbox; and
  • Optimize sales messages by embedding videos, product demonstrations and attachments in emails to identify what messages resonate with buyers.


It is designed for sales reps, inside sales professionals and demand generation professionals across all industries.


AI-Driven Email Prospecting is positioned to integrate with Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Vidyard and leading CRM systems such as Salesforce.

CURRENT CLIENTS/USERS customers include Bank of America, CenturyLink, Cisco and Infor.


InsideSales’s AI-Driven Email Prospecting is designed to unlock the power of AI for predictive and prescriptive sales prospecting. It aims to make it easier for sales to create and deliver emails, as well as track engagement via multi-recipient opens, clicks, forwards and attachment downloads.

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