KnowledgeTree Tracks Performance Of Sales Enablement Content

KnowledgeTree imageKnowledgeTree is a sales enablement tool designed to predict and measure the impact of marketing content on sales. The solution intends to proactively present effective content to reps through Salesforce and via email.


KnowledgeTree measures the ROI and effectiveness of content by sales situation. As reps share content with prospects, KnowledgeTree analyzes its relevance and revenue contribution. If a piece of content is successful for a specific sales situation, KnowledgeTree recommends that content to salespeople who are involved in similar deals.

Content is matched based on a variety of factors, including ,  persona, sales stage, industry and geography. So whenever a user opens an opportunity, account, lead, or other record, they are presented with content that is closely matched to that situation.


KnowledgeTree is designed for product and content marketers as well as sales enablement professionals. People that focus on supporting sales teams to position and sell products more effectively are the solution’s primary buyers.


KnowledgeTree integrates directly into The solution appears on any record — Leads, Accounts, Opportunities, and even custom objects. It also feeds data into leading marketing automation platforms for full visibility into revenue attribution for your content.


KnowledgeTree is priced based on number of sales people. There is no charge for marketers or administrators to add, organize, and report on content. Click here for more information.


KnowledgeTree's customers include RingCentral, Zuora and SparkPost.


With KnowledgeTree, content stays in your preferred repository. There's no lift and shift. KnowledgeTree matches content based on its performance in any sales situation. Recommended content is automatically routed to reps where they work — in email and Salesforce.


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