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Outreach Aims To Enhance Productivity With Sales Engagement Platform

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Outreach, a sales engagement platform, is designed to boost the productivity of sales teams and empower them to drive predictable and measurable revenue growth. The platform aims to prioritize sales activities and scale customer engagement with intelligent automation.


Outreach is designed to manage customer engagement throughout the buyer journey to boost revenue. Outreach Sequences are positioned to orchestrate all customer touchpoints across phone, email and social channels, as well as automate sales tasks.

Additional features include:

  • Templates and snippets designed to provide sales representatives with effective messaging at their fingertips and ensure that messaging is consistent throughout the customer journey.
  • Outreach Meetings, which aims to help users schedule and hold meetings, manage follow-ups and automatically reschedule meetings if a prospect cancels.
  • Integrated voice capabilities are designed to deliver high-quality calling, voice recording and other features, such as voicemail drop and inbound voicemail.
  • Outreach Amplify, a tool positioned to test strategies and analyzes data to provide recommendations that help every member of the revenue team improve results.  


Outreach is designed for every member of the revenue team, including sales development representatives, account executives, account managers and customer success representatives. The platform is used by mid-market and enterprise companies primarily in the tech, telco, financial services and recruiting industries.


Outreach is positioned to integrate with many applications in the sales and marketing stack. All activities executed in Outreach, such as calls and emails, are automatically logged in Salesforce. Outreach is integrated with Gmail and Outlook, so users can access Outreach content and track all communications sent from their inbox. Outreach users can also access LinkedIn data right inside their workflow via integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.


Outreach is a SaaS application and is licensed on a per-seat basis. Different licenses are available based on role, so full-cycle sales representatives can access all platform functionality. Members of the sales team who focus on closing deals or managing accounts can access and pay for only the functionality they most need.


Customers include Cloudera, AdRoll, Showpad and Okta. 


Outreach aims to deliver a single platform with all the capabilities, intelligence and analytics sales representatives need to engage prospects. The platform is designed to include built-in controls and safeguards to ensure that reps execute the right activities with the right prospects.



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