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PFL Debuts Personal Marketing Center To Provide Content Suggestions For Sales

Personal Marketing Center (PMC) from PFL is a sales enablement solution for Salesforce, designed to equip sales with relevant marketing material to better engage with customers through personalized, multi-channel marketing.


PMC provides sales teams several features within Salesforce, including the ability to:

  • House marketing assets in one place;
  • Personalize assets;
  • Use Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud or other marketing automation platforms to create intelligent content suggestions for prospects;
  • Create print, dimensional and direct mail;
  • Post content to social channels within Salesforce; and
  • Fully integrate with ERP systems.

Targeted Users

Personal Marketing Center targets field sales agents and sales managers, marketing managers, CMOs, CFOs and Sales VPs.


Personal Marketing Center lives inside Salesforce Sales Cloud and can use data from Marketing Cloud, other marketing automation platforms and ERP systems.

Delivery/Pricing Models

Pricing is customized for each implementation of PMC.

Current Clients/Users

Personal Marketing Center is currently being used by multiple Fortune 500 companies.

Competitive Positioning

PMC combines the power of the Salesforce Sales and Marketing Clouds to provide intelligent content suggestions. Other solutions for field sales and marketing are point solutions, but PMC lives entirely inside of Salesforce, which can lead to higher adoption rates and the security of Salesforce.


Phone: 800-930-6040