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Spekit's Digital Enablement Platform Aims To Improve Team Training

Digital enablement platform Spekit helps clients’ employees continuously learn and immediately access resources across a company’s tech stack, driving buyer retention and increasing employee onboarding and productivity.  

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Spekit is designed to help users build effective training and communication programs from their existing processes. The platform enables users to embed knowledge programs alongside defined terms, fields and picklist values in their databases to consolidate knowledge, policies and processes from an organization and simplify employee and team training and productivity.

Additional features of the solution include:

  • Content cards, or “Speks,” that break down difficult-to-consume PDFs and PowerPoints into easily digestible bites of information;
  • In-app alerts that push information and new resources and keep teams aligned;
  • The ability to integrate with data platforms such as Salesforce for simplified data workflows and communication; and
  • A Google Chrome extension that helps teams surface training across any application to create a consistent, seamless and easily accessible learning experience across an employee’s entire workflow.

Who It's For

Spekit is for organizations looking to increase their team productivity while reducing the time it takes to onboard, train and communicate changes across an organization. 

What Makes It Special

Spekit combines the power of a learning management system (LMS), a digital adoption solution and a change management tool to enable continuous employee learning and productivity and reduce the time needed to onboard teammates on new processes and systems.