Uberflip Introduces AI-Powered Content Recommendation Solution

Uberflip AI is designed to give marketers the ability to fuse the art of marketing with the power of artificial intelligence. The solution aims to help marketers recommend content to their audiences. The company said its AI-based recommendation engine creates deeper content engagement, more personalized content experiences, and accelerates sales cycles for marketers and salespeople.

Why AI Is A Necessity For Your Marketing Strategy

1Anil KaulWhen artificial intelligence (AI) pioneer Alan Turing said, “A computer would deserve to be called intelligent if it could deceive a human into believing that it was human,” all he meant was there might come a time when virtual assistants and bots will become close to real-life personal assistants.

Aviso Launches AI-Driven Sales Forecasting Platform

Aviso Sales Vision is an AI-driven sales forecasting and visibility platform that aims to give CROs and sales operations leaders 360-degree visibility into sales forecasts, pipeline health and sales performance.


Aviso Sales Vision is designed to provide sales executives and operations leaders real-time data and insights for greater control of quarterly performance and the ability to make more informed decisions. Aviso develops forecasts through analysis of sales and pipeline performance based on eight historical quarters and real-time CRM data.

Additionally, unique deal pacing aims to reveal whether deals are moving through the pipeline at the appropriate pace, as well as if the new pipeline is being created at a pace that is sufficient to meet quota. Advanced forecast rollup provides drill-down capabilities and visibility into what has changed and why at every level. 


The solution is geared towards CROs, sales leaders, reps and sales operations executives in large, multi-level organizations.


Aviso collects data from Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and other data sources, evaluates sales performance over the previous eight quarters, and applies AI and machine learning to generate accurate forecasts, actionable deal insights and predict the value of user’s pipeline. 


Aviso uses a typical SaaS delivery model. Pricing runs at around $75 per user, per month.


Customers include LogRhythm, RingCentral, Splunk and Apttus.


Unlike other forecasting tools, spreadsheets or analytics built in CRM, Aviso Sales Vision is built on a powerful AI engine and machine learning algorithms designed specifically to give sales leadership in large organizations the information they need to manage the business. 


155 Constitution Drive 
Menlo Park, CA 94025 
(650) 567-5470 

The 4 Promises Of AI For B2B Marketers

1mikeDVIn the past year, we’ve see artificial intelligence (AI) take off. As an industry, we’ve finally reached the point where we have enough user data, the right algorithms and the data science needed to allow technology to take over—predicting outcomes in real time and based on past behaviors. In the world of digital marketing, AI’s opportunity is huge, and we’re already seeing consumer brands like Fanatics and Room & Board deliver personalized and targeted experiences with content across email communications, social media, advertising and more.

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