B2B Marketers Step Up Shift From Activity Metrics To Identifying & Driving Engagement

For much of the past decade, success for B2B marketers has been defined as getting buyers to respond to offers by clicking on, opening or downloading an asset. While these actions are still often used as a sign of initial interest from an individual buyer or an account, marketers are increasingly shifting their focus and efforts to new tactics and tools that can determine engagement beyond impressions or form fills.

The Content Countdown: Factors & Formats That Decide Whether Content Will Be A Hit On The Conversion Charts

Many of you remember cassettes, compact discs and maybe even 8-tracks when you think back to the different music formats you’ve listened to over the years. Well, just as music formats have changed with the times, so have content formats.

In one of this week’s Strategy & Planning Series sessions, our sister division Content4Demand is presenting a webcast on Content Marketing Hit-Makers: Audience-Centric Formats You Need to Add to Your Catalog.

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HubSpot Introduces Content Strategy Tool

HubSpot Content Strategy is a tool designed to help marketers adapt their content creation to the way modern search engines and modern buyers work today. Through creating, optimizing and measuring topic-based content, the tool aims to enable businesses to build sustainable organic traffic that generates more traffic, with less content.

Uberflip Introduces AI-Powered Content Recommendation Solution

Uberflip AI is designed to give marketers the ability to fuse the art of marketing with the power of artificial intelligence. The solution aims to help marketers recommend content to their audiences. The company said its AI-based recommendation engine creates deeper content engagement, more personalized content experiences, and accelerates sales cycles for marketers and salespeople.

BuzzSumo Launches Question Analyzer For Content Production

BuzzSumo, a social media analytics and curation platform for content marketers, unveiled a new feature within its content discovery and insights platform that is designed to help content marketers search for questions being asked about topics that align to their business. The tool, called Question Analyzer, positions users to identify pain points and questions that are relevant and contextual to their target audience to help fuel content production.

ON24 Launches Digital Content Hub

1on24Multimedia marketing company ON24 announced it has added a new online content hub to its marketing platform. Called ON24 Content Gateway, the hub is designed to help business marketers curate their best digital assets and gain a better understanding of how their customers and prospects engage with each piece of content.

Content Intelligence In Five Minutes

Content intelligence has the potential to give B2B marketers full context into their content, but is it too early to reap the potential benefits? This infographic from Curata shares an in-depth look into the origins of content intelligence, what it takes to collect it and how it is revolutionizing the B2B content marketplace.

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