The Impact of Attention Scarcity on Buyer Engagement and the Rise of Attention Marketing


The Attention Revolution is here. Are you ready for it?

Over the past decade, the explosion of content and information readily available at our fingertips has created the penultimate battle for attention. But what are most marketers doing today to capture buyer’s attention? They pump up the volume with more content and messaging, at greater frequency, making the challenge for attention (and ultimately engagement) even greater.

In fact, research shows that content engagement is down 60% per piece.

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Study: Audience-Centric Marketing Most Impactful For Each Buying Scenario

New research from SiriusDecisions — based on B2B buyer behavior over the past year — has revealed that taking an audience-centric approach to marketing throughout each stage of the buying decision has a positive impact no matter the buying scenario — an individual, a consensus or a buying committee. Other than previous experience with the vendor, the top-two decision drivers were the influence of customer references or testimonials and the abilities for vendors to meet the specific buyer’s needs.

5 Content Repurposing Hacks You Haven’t Heard Before

With 2018 in full effect, I’d hate to see killer content from 2017 and earlier get lost or forgotten. I’m a big believer in the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” model, so naturally, content repurposing is a big deal to me. Why create a completely new piece of content about a topic when you already have content that could be tweaked for relevancy? And why should you work so hard on a strong, extra-long asset if it’s only going to be used in one format?

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7 Ways Reviews Fuel B2B Company Initiatives

How etouches, Act-On Software, Looker And More Benefit From The Power Of Review Sites

Online ratings and reviews have transformed the way B2B buyers purchase software and services. Some 94% of B2B buyers in the 2017 B2B Buyers Survey Report say reviews from industry peers are an important factor in their purchasing decisions; 67% say they are relying more on peers for final purchasing decisions.

By harnessing the power of reviews, B2B software and services companies achieve multiple business objectives — including:

  • Developing effective content marketing strategies;
  • Unearthing competitive intelligence; and
  • Getting feedback to guide product development.

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B2B Marketers Step Up Localization Initiatives To Support Global Expansion

The intersecting trends of globalization and digitization are driving the need for accurate and culturally appropriate translations. B2B companies are often approaching this challenge with improvised methods that result in bottlenecks and poorly translated content. Therefore, progressive B2B companies are streamlining their localization strategies to maximize engagement with a global audience.

The Global Content Translation Maturity Model

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translation strategy is excelling, as well as areas for
improvement, including how to:

  • Get a better grasp of your current global content strategy;
  • Understand, at a glance, the types of content you're producing; and
  • Analyze your current ability to measure multilingual content performance.

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