6sense Launches Dynamic Display Advertising

Published: December 20, 2019

6sense has expanded its display advertising suite to include dynamic creative capabilities that are designed to help customers serve personalized content in digital ads based on real-time account information.

The feature leverages 6sense’s Company Graph to retrieve account-level details for the person to whom an ad is served and help customize HTML5 ads with dynamic text or images. Examples include the viewer’s company name or tailored messaging based on account segments created in the 6sense platform. Just like static ads served through 6sense, dynamic ad campaigns are designed to be configured by customers in an entirely self-service manner.

“Display advertising is an essential component of a comprehensive account-based sales and marketing strategy,” said Jason Zintak, CEO of 6sense, in a statement. “With dynamic display ads, our customers have even greater abilities to reach target accounts with highly personalized, relevant ads that drive a better experience and meaningful engagement.”

6sense also recently added an external media campaigns feature to its suite that embeds impression and click-tracking pixels within ads. This feature enables customers to track account-level engagement metrics within 6sense regardless of the platform used to serve display ads.

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