88% Of Marketers Turn To Revenue Marketing Strategies To Improve Pipeline, Cite Budget Challenges

Published: January 27, 2021

Since its introduction in 2017, revenue marketing has helped marketers drive greater revenue in their strategies, internal processes and marketing efforts. New research from revenue marketing consultancy Demand Spring revealed that 88% of B2B marketers consider revenue marketing a viable strategy for growing pipeline.  

The Revenue Marketing B2B Benchmark report highlights how marketers are using revenue tactics to improve their campaign attribution, address challenges and measure their impact on buyers and pipeline. The report also revealed the tools and tactics marketers use to generate more pipeline and revenue in 2021, including ABM programs, technology, virtual events and more.

According to the report, 50% of respondents identified budget complications as the main barrier to increasing their pipeline and revenue, with 55% seeing a decrease in their budgets. As a result, 58% of both marketing and sales teams are focused on nurturing existing leads at the bottom and middle of the funnel to increase their revenue.


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Other key takeaways from the report include:

  • 70% of organizations used their sales pipeline to measure revenue in 2020;
  • 68% of respondents claim they are reaching their target revenue and pipeline generation due to revenue marketing strategies and tactics;
  • 53% cite revenue as their main metric for measuring their marketing impact;
  • 62% use revenue marketing strategies to inform and improve their ABM programs, with 50% seeing positive ROI as a result;
  • Only 18% of respondents use AI tools to execute their revenue strategies; and
  • Respondents noted they use digital marketing activities, such as webinars (78%) and virtual events (68%), to make up for lost revenue from canceled in-person events.

“An underlying driver for us at Demand Spring is our commitment to helping marketers stand taller within their organizations, and in no other year has this been more important than in 2020,” said Mark Emond, President of Demand Spring, in a statement. “However, despite the chaos seen last year, our survey reiterates something that we already knew — marketers are a resilient and highly adaptable group of professionals. They have successfully come through a very tough year, and in many cases are stronger for it!”

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