Act-On Extends Inbound Marketing Capabilities, Unveils Mobile App

Published: May 30, 2013

Act-On announced Act-On Inbound, which extends Act-On’s marketing automation platform to include advanced inbound marketing capabilities such as SEO enhancement and in-depth metrics. The company also announced a new mobile app for Android and iPhone users along with increased offerings of mobile-optimized templates, forms, and preview options within the interface.

Act-On Inbound allows customers to optimize their content, blog, and web site for search engines, manage keywords for both SEO and AdWords, and accurately measure the effectiveness of these campaigns.

“Companies that have tightly integrated search and content marketing programs with outbound marketing and lead nurturing generate more qualified leads,” Atri Chatterjee, CMO, told Demand Gen Report. “We now bring together three important components — data integration with Google AdWords, advanced SEO capabilities and integration with content creation processes.”

Act-On Inbound includes the following capabilities:

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In-depth measurement of results from inbound marketing. A single dashboard enables marketers to get comprehensive, closed-loop measurements to track the success of inbound campaigns. These measurements will enable marketers to measure the ROI from Google AdWords pay-per-click; calibrate and balance Google AdWords investment with organic SEO investment to optimize overall online search capability; and augment prospect profile information with search data to better understand preferences and buyer behavior.

SEO enhancement for lead generation. Marketers now have advanced SEO capabilities to optimize landing pages, forms, blog posts and web pages to help boost SEO ranking of these assets. Act-On Inbound audits these assets for their “searchability” and recommends areas for improvement. These recommendations range from structural changes to a page and its meta data, to optimal use of keywords for better ranking.

Central management of keywords. Act-On Inbound enables marketers to manage all the keywords that are important to their business and use them effectively in their search engine optimization efforts, as well as their online advertising efforts using Google AdWords.

Native support for Google AdWords. Marketers can manage their Google AdWords campaigns from within Act-On without having to make any changes to their Google AdWords account or campaigns. This provides marketers with the full capability to manage all aspects of their Google AdWords campaigns, but do so from a single dashboard.



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