Airtable Launches New Marketing Solution To Drive Business Growth

Published: March 29, 2021

Airtable, a workflow building platform, released a solution to help marketing teams streamline content and campaign workflows, move quicker and drive business growth. Airtable is built on a relational database that powers hundreds of thousands of users and updates data in real time.

Key features and capabilities include:

  • The ability to sync similar data from multiple sources into one continuously updated view, with five different view options;
  • Asset Review, which expedites the creative production process by giving feedback quickly and in the same place where content is planned;
  • Apps that help teams create flexible, customized marketing workflows, allowing them to analyze, enrich and act on data without switching context;
  • The ability to integrate Airtable’s marketing tools with existing platforms;
  • A rules automation engine that enables teams to set up “if-then” rules to push out information faster and reduce errors; and
  • New and updated templates, including a marketing campaign tracker, content calendar, social media calendar, blog editorial calendar, event planning capabilities, digital asset management, content operations and more.

“It is time to connect people, processes and systems to move work forward,” said Archana Agrawal, CMO of Airtable, in a statement. “We must go beyond the rigid hierarchies, siloed tools and crippling gaps in knowledge sharing that make our operations unwieldy. Marketing teams need to establish a source of truth and demand flexible solutions to build processes tailored to their business and customer needs.”

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