Allego Research: Salespeople 111% More Likely To Use Content Recommended By Successful Peers

Published: January 6, 2023

Allego, a sales enablement platform provider, released new research on sales content in partnership with B2B DecisionLabs, a B2B research and advisory firm. “Getting Sellers Engaged” discusses the results of a two-part behavioral research study that sought to reveal the most effective approach to get sellers to use a piece of product-focused content.

“Getting Sellers Engaged” revealed how the messenger affects sellers’ likelihood of using sales content and examined the factors that increase sellers’ willingness. The real-world field trial, led by Dr. Leff Bonney, behavioral scientist and Research Director at B2B DecisionLabs, observed behavior of more than 300 novice and experienced sellers working at two enterprise sales organizations.

The study concluded that sellers were more likely to use content when they learned about it from a high-performing peer versus a sales leader or marketer. Key findings include:

  • Using a high-performing seller to present new collateral increased the likelihood of use by 61% over a similar presentation made by a product specialist;
  • Presenting new content with a case study or a demonstration increased likelihood of use by roughly 30% over basic information alone;
  • When a high-performing seller presented new collateral with a demonstration, the likelihood of use increased by 111%; and
  • Asking reps to create a plan for how they would use new collateral in their sales motions drove a 98% increase in likelihood of use over the control.

“It’s a common problem: The marketing team creates content for sales, but sellers don’t use it,” said Mark Magnacca, President and Co-founder of Allego. “Companies in this uncertain economy cannot afford to waste time, money and effort this way. The research shows that a comprehensive sales content management platform that can generate and manage relevant field-generated and top-performer content, support peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and offer content in context is a powerful option for B2B sales organizations.”

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