Launches Instachat Builder To Enable Rapid AI Chat Deployment

Published: August 18, 2022, a conversational marketing solution, released Instachat Builder, an AI-driven application designed to accelerate AI chat deployment by allowing customers to directly train the chatbot on any type of text information.

The Instachat Builder is powered by machine learning and natural language processing to automatically extract relevant content from PDFs, HTML files, document files and more. After extraction, the derived information is translated into question-and-answer pairs that users can review and use to train AI chatbots. Specific benefits include:

  • Allowing users to launch intelligent chat on day one of adoption with “98% accuracy,” according to;
  • Enabling users to expand the range of topics intelligent chat can competently handle;
  • Receiving conversational reporting data directly following deployment and gleaning insights on the user journey, customer retention, SEO and more; and
  • Reducing the need for human intervention.

“Historically, launching a chat application was time-consuming,” said Jacob Molina, Product Manager at, in a statement. “Companies needed to manually formulate the question-and-answer pairs they wanted their AI chat to handle. Instachat Builder shortcuts this entire process by automatically transforming any relevant text into training material, allowing our customers to launch powerful chatbots capable of instantly answering hundreds or thousands of questions — with only a few clicks.”

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