Brainshark Unveils Three Cloud Packages, Analytics Dashboard

Published: January 21, 2014

Brainshark, a business presentation services provider, launched three cloud services designed to improve the effectiveness of internal and external communication.

The company also debuted its analytics dashboard, which will provide users with real-time presentation performance data.

The three new cloud packages are:

  • Brainshark Marketing Cloud, which enhances demand generation and external communication activities by measuring the effectiveness of each piece of content;
  • Brainshark Learning Cloud, which helps users quickly produce, set up and manage mobile-ready presentations, courses and curriculums to educate their audiences; and
  • Brainshark Sales Cloud, which incorporates the capabilities of the Learning Cloud and Marketing Cloud and more, is a sales enablement tool for sales training and onboarding, prospecting and social selling, and both on-demand and live presentation needs.

Brainshark also announced its Analytics Dashboard, giving users deeper insight into content effectiveness, social activity, viewing data and patterns. The application will provide analytics on individual presentations, offering detailed insights on audience activity and engagement levels.

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A component of the Sales, Marketing, Learning and HR Cloud packages, the Analytics Dashboard will also be included in all current Brainshark subscriptions.

“As organizations today reach more global and on-the-go audiences, face greater competition and navigate a more complex sales landscape, it’s critical they improve the speed, ease and overall impact of their communications,” said Greg Flynn, President of Brainshark. “Our new cloud packages make it even easier to apply Brainshark’s award-winning technology to solve sales, marketing and training challenges. Together with our innovative Analytics Dashboard, Brainshark offers a comprehensive platform for improving business productivity and communications effectiveness.”

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