Cintell Launches Cloud-Based Persona Platform

Published: June 23, 2015

Cintell announced the general availability of its cloud-based customer intelligence platform. The SaaS application positions B2B marketers to create, manage and share digital personas throughout their organizations.

“Most companies have their buyer personas in a PDF or a word document,” said Katie Martell, CMO and Co-founder of Cintell, in an interview with Demand Gen Report. “A cloud-based persona solution enables for the sharing of personas among the sales, marketing and content teams.”

In addition, the online personas can be integrated with marketing and sales automation tools, Martell noted. This enables marketers to refine their personas based on data from customer databases.

The SaaS persona platform is designed to help marketers:

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Build Custom Models. The Cintell platform is designed for both new and experienced users who can leverage the pre-built, easy-to-use persona wizard informed by industry experts, or a fully customizable template-builder. Cintell supports an unlimited number of custom fields and field types, positioning users to manage complex buyer personas.

Understand The Full Buying Committee. B2B technology purchases involve multiple individuals with distinct needs and preferences, formulating a complex buying committee. The Cintell platform enables users to visualize and share relevant insights by committee, making it easy for teams to understand and utilize these insights.

Execute Persona-Based Sales and Marketing. The platform positions users to analyze contacts and add persona insights through a variety of matching capabilities, designed to enable relevant persona-driven tactics.

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