CONTENTgine Unveils Content Indication Platform For Intent & Engagement Insights

Published: February 18, 2022

CONTENTgine, a content-based marketing agency, revealed its Content Indication Platform (CIP), an online SaaS platform that seeks to provide access to CONTENTgine’s proprietary first-party account intent and categorical content insights.

CIP is designed to mine 1 billion engagement signals quarterly from content interactions with more than 500,000 case studies, white papers and E-books to identify personalized content consumption patterns. CIP’s specific capabilities include:

  • Helping marketers generate smarter target account lists, higher performing content and better prospect engagement;
  • Capturing content engagement to determine 360-degree intent with complete contact, company and content consumption visibility; and
  • Content intelligence that compares performance within product categories to give organizations more insights into how their content compares to their competitors.

“There is a vast amount of actionable information on CIP for marketing and sales organizations to help drive opportunities and return on investment,” said Tim Ribich, Chief Product Officer of CONTENTgine, in a statement. “This information includes which prospects are most active in a specific product category, the specific research behaviors within those prospect accounts and which content is performing well in the market. These insights ultimately give teams a deeper understanding of product categories and a broader set of data to enhance their lead generation programs and hone their marketing efforts.”

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