Drift & SalesLoft Form Partnership To Strengthen Sales Enablement

Published: August 16, 2021

Revenue acceleration platform Drift partnered with SalesLoft, a sales engagement provider, to equip sellers for hyper-personalized communication with prospects. The partnership seeks to help sales and marketing professionals increase prospect engagement, conversion and alignment through shared visibility into target accounts.

The companies are seeking to offer identification and targeting that enables the creation of cross-channel buying experiences from outbound cadences, along with easy enrollment workflows for sales reps to add prospects from their own inboxes. Features include: 

  • Real-Time Notifications, which alert sellers when a prospect in a SalesLoft Cadence is active on the user’s website;
  • Visitor Identification that helps users identify, target and engage prospects in a Cadence with specific Drift playbooks, as well as indicate who’s watching a video or visiting a website from shared links;
  • Activity Feed and Data Sync that enables sales reps to view all of their account activity in one place via Drift events in the SalesLoft Activity Feed; and
  • SalesLoft Cadence Enrollment that allows marketers to enroll prospects into a Cadence from their inbox or directly from the Drift Feed.

“The world has fundamentally changed as we work and live online more than ever,” said David Cancel, CEO and Co-founder of Drift, in a statement. “Buyers make more than 80% of purchases online, yet businesses still struggle to see the complete picture of online behavior. Now, that prospect you’ve been dying to get a hold of can book a meeting directly via Drift chat. You can have Drift conversations right inside of SalesLoft’s Activity Feed, gathering the context you need before you jump on the call. It’s incredibly powerful for sellers and marketers alike.”

The partnership is the latest step the organizations are taking to enhance their sales enablement capabilities. Drift recently released two new solutions to help create a more qualified sales pipeline and appointed its new VP of Customer Success. For its part, SalesLoft acquired InStereo to help build better buyer experiences and integrated 6sense’s sales intelligence module into its platform to help users gain direct insights into account and persona profile pages within SalesLoft.

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