Engagio Debuts PlayMaker, Its Account-Based Communications Platform Featuring Human Email

Published: May 5, 2016

One-year old Engagio, an account-based marketing (ABM) company, has announced Engagio PlayMaker, a new account-based communications platform for outbound marketing. Engagio CEO and Founder Jon Miller said the new platform is based on “account-based everything” rather than account-based marketing. He described account-based everything as a strategic go-to-market approach for organizations that orchestrates personalized marketing, sales and success efforts to drive engagement and conversion at named accounts.

“This is a strategy,” Miller said. “It’s not a campaign. It’s a way of thinking about how you go to market.”

While 36 customers have deployed Engagio’s account-based platform in the past year, Miller said two new features the company introduced complete the offering:

  • Human Email, an outbound email template that enables highly personalized messaging to individuals at target accounts; and
  • The orchestration of messages and interactions with accounts over a period of time within the platform.

The platform, which integrates with Salesforce and Marketo, was designed to support the marketing department, as well as sales, sales development and customer success teams. All team members are able to plan and execute multi-step “plays” or steps that are completed within the platform, Miller said, which includes coordinated communications with target accounts.  In addition, the platform can provide account-specific information about users’ activity through its “Insights” plug-in. This enables salespeople to view past communications for a holistic view of account activity.

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One current customer Demand Gen Report spoke with, Kristen Wendel, Director of Marketing Operations at VersionOne, said she thinks “Playmaker is a game changer.”

Wendel said VersionOne “went through 15,000 leads in our database, and Engagio did the lead-to-account matching so we could assign them. It’s pretty incredible. You are inside every marketers’ brain building their wish lists.”

Miller summed it up in a post on his blog: “The key concept here is coordinating relevant interactions that span multiple players in the account (decision-makers and influencers), channels (email, phone, social and demand gen) and departments (marketing, sales development, sales and customer success). When you can do that, the results will always be greater than individual departments working in isolation.”

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