Foundry Releases Contact-Level B2B Intent Data

Published: October 19, 2022

Foundry, an IDG, Inc. company and B2B media and martech provider, launched its proprietary intent data product, Foundry Intent, marking the company’s first major release since it acquired LeadSift, KickFire, Triblio and Selling Simplified. This new capability brings together KickFire and LeadSift data capture technologies and machine learning to help enhance and expand the company’s knowledge graph across all technology verticals.

Foundry Intent unifies real-time signals from a variety of sources to deliver a high-fidelity source of B2B buyer intent within a single platform. The product aims to support B2B marketers as the technology buying journey becomes increasingly dispersed by consolidating and scoring varied signals for a single, actionable view of both account and buyer-level intent.

“Until now, the intent market has offered points of view from a single category of data source and marketers have been left to aggregate and standardize account-level data in hopes of constructing their own insights,” said Kumaran Ramanathan, President of Foundry, in a statement. “The market has signaled that bid stream data and cookies are too limited both in the scope and detail needed to reach an actionable and accurate view of the buyer journey. Our solution in Foundry Intent is to forgo these types of subjective datapoints and instead create a robust view of the buyer journey built entirely of concrete, multichannel signals from the contact level up.”

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