HG Insights Acquires Intricately To Enhance Technology Spend Insights

Published: March 30, 2022

HG Insights, a business technology intelligence platform, acquired marketing and sales intelligence tools provider Intricately, Inc. to help provide real-time visibility into a company’s cloud footprint and application tech stack.

HG Insights’ proprietary processes are designed to formulate data on more than 11 million companies globally, capturing 96% of the world’s total IT spend and more than 15,600 installed products in 248 countries and territories, according to the company. Meanwhile, Intricately’s proprietary sensor network aims to collect detailed cloud product adoption, usage and spend data of more than six million businesses worldwide.

Both organizations implement technologies that help gather, cleanse and deliver technology spend, installation and usage insights to accelerate and inform decision-making across the entire go-to-market (GTM) motion. Anticipated benefits of the partnership include:

  • Richer combined datasets to operationalize the planning, targeting and messaging to prospects based on technology adoption and usage;
  • Improved precision of workload volumes, estimated spends and the related technologies running on cloud-based infrastructure;
  • Expansion of insights into customer-built cloud and self-hosted applications;
  • Detailed location insights providing a view into both the location of consumption and/or physical infrastructure to power hyper-focused GTM strategies; and
  • Real-time detection of changes to a company’s cloud application and technology strategy.

“HG is thrilled to welcome and combine forces with the Intricately team,” said Elizabeth Cholawsky, CEO of HG Insights, in a statement. “Our customers have come to rely on HG Insights as an indispensable input into their most strategic decisions such as market sizing, whitespace analysis and territory planning, as well as for fundamental activities including opportunity prioritization and account-based marketing intelligence. Now with the addition of Intricately, we can provide real-time visibility into a company’s cloud footprint and application tech stack to provide richer insights for better decisions and faster results.”

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The entire Intricately team, including Founders Michael Pollack, CEO, and Fima Leshinsky, CTO, will join HG Insights, with Cholawsky leading the combined organization.

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