HubSpot Adds LinkedIn Lead Gen Form Creation To CRM

Published: October 23, 2019

Users can now create LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms from within HubSpot’s free ads tool. Following the addition of ads tools to the HubSpot CRM in July, the new functionality positioned marketers to collect leads from their ads on LinkedIn using pre-filled forms that can be set up within the connected HubSpot platform.

Creating LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms through the HubSpot ads tool enables sales and marketing teams to follow up in a contextually relevant manner, as their leads on LinkedIn automatically sync to HubSpot.

Additionally, the incorporation of LinkedIn Lead Gen Forums into HubSpot allows users to:

  • Build target audiences off any data point within the HubSpot CRM;
  • Report on advertising ROI with precision;
  • Manage and report on ads across LinkedIn, Facebook and Google from the HubSpot platform;
  • Align ad campaigns with other marketing activities, such as email marketing and automation, to gain a broader view of the customer experience; and
  • Develop a journey-based advertising strategy to deliver a customer-centric ad experience.

“I get excited by anything that removes steps and friction from the customer experience. This new feature certainly makes it easier for the marketer to create segments and ads without having to jump between tools but, more importantly, it removes steps for buyers,” said Meghan Keaney Anderson, VP of Marketing at HubSpot, in a statement to Demand Gen Report. “As a prospective customer, when you make the decision to engage with an ad on LinkedIn, you don’t want to hop from site to site. This brings the conversion form right into the LinkedIn ad and even pre-populates the form field with the LinkedIn user’s profile. When you’re really serious about something, fewer steps is just a better experience.”

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