HubSpot Launches CMS Hub To Streamline Website Management

Published: April 8, 2020

HubSpot, a marketing and sales growth platform, has launched CMS Hub, a new content management system designed to simplify website maintenance, allowing users to create personalized website experiences for their audiences.

The CMS Hub aims to provide site-wide editing accessible by employees of any department, strong security to create a safe browsing experience and a partitioning feature for asset management. These features intend to help growing businesses focus less on data management and more on optimizing their target audience’s experience.

The platform features different tiers designed to provide various degrees of help depending on the business’ needs.

The CMS Hub Professional tier centers around maintenance and design, providing:

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  • Updates that allow for easy website management;
  • SEO recommendations to drive website traffic and generate leads; and
  • Built-in CRM and Conversation tools for desired customer experiences.

CMS Hub’s Enterprise tier includes the Professional tier’s features, plus the ability to:

  • Control who has access to specific features on the website;
  • Build personalized websites using customer data; and
  • Manage multiple domains simultaneously.

“Marketers at growing companies have a lot of things to think about — their CMS should not be one of them,” said Angela DeFranco, Director of Product Management at HubSpot, in a statement. “Most CMS platforms available today make website management more complicated and painful as time goes by. They put a limit on what’s possible. They have a ceiling. But rapidly scaling companies don’t. I’m delighted that with CMS Hub, we’re offering users a powerful system that removes unnecessary gatekeepers, democratizes the web management process, and makes it easy for them to execute their boldest ideas.”

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