InsideView Launches Solution To Assist In Database Management, CRM Health

Published: November 7, 2019

InsideView, a targeting intelligence platform, unveiled InsideView Data Integrity, a customer data management solution designed to deliver data and visualizations to companies looking to improve their data health. Fully integrated with Salesforce, InsideView Data Integrity aims to empower revenue leaders to stay on top of their Salesforce accounts while providing actionable insights, such as measures for data hygiene.

InsideView Data Integrity offers:

  • Family tree linkages,” a way of unifying customer profiles with standardized data, which is designed to make it easier for companies to expand within an ecosystem by feeding into account hierarchies, email validations and territory assignments;
  • Lead-to-account mapping, which aims to allow companies to map inbound leads to accounts and route leads to the appropriate sales representative; and
  • Visual dashboards and interactive trend graphs, which provide snapshots of data hygiene and CRM health.

“Data is the world’s most valuable resource — it’s the new fuel,” said Umberto Milletti, CEO of InsideView, in a statement. “Maintaining the quality of that resource should be paramount for every company. InsideView Data Integrity was created to help companies get the most out of their data by maintaining an accurate and rich customer database and check on the health of that data at a glance.”

InsideView Data Integrity for Salesforce will be available in December 2019, and integration with Microsoft Dynamics will be available next year.

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