LinkedIn Launches New Marketing Measurement Tools

Published: June 12, 2023

Quick Scoop:

  • LinkedIn announced a new suite of tools to help marketers measure organic and paid efforts.
  • The new suite includes the CMO Scorecard, B2B Index and B2B Leaderboard.

LinkedIn unveiled a new suite of tools designed to help B2B marketers better measure their organic and paid efforts. The new tools include CMO Scorecard, the B2B Index and the B2B Leaderboard.

Each tool aims to provide companies with a better understanding of brand investments impacting their bottom line. Specifically:

  • The CMO Scorecard aims to help measure the effectiveness of brand marketing efforts by gauging the creative, media and outcome metrics required to give companies a competitive edge.
  • The B2B Index provides a composite score of three brand-building efforts: Brand investment, creative quality and effectiveness and brand outcomes.
  • The B2B Leaderboard is designed to highlight the most successful brands based on a creativity scale, a buyer intent scale and their organic and paid marketing efforts.

Learn more about the CMO Scorecard and B2B Index on LinkedIn.

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