LinkedIn Releases AI-Assisted Intelligence Features

Published: November 10, 2023

LinkedIn released two AI-powered features — Account IQ and Relationship Map — to enhance its existing Sales Navigator platform. Account IQ seeks to provide smart summaries that leverage generative AI to provide a deep dive on accounts with just the click of a button, while Relationship Map is a flexible, shareable, visual representation of buyer circle hierarchies built by reps.

Specifically, Account IQ works to blend real-time LinkedIn first party data — such as people, LinkedIn posts and workforce trends — with third-party data to create a holistic snapshot of a company. Key features include:

  • Streamlining account research with insights in a single click; and
  • Quickly preparing high-level account plans.

For its part, Relationship Map offers opportunities to multithread and build relationships with multiple decision-makers, with a real-time, shareable view of “who’s who” that everyone can access. Reported benefits include:

  • Automatically alerting sales reps when a contact leaves their account and suggesting a replacement while exporting updated contact information to CRMs;
  • Seeing new, relevant highlights on leads, such as recent LinkedIn posts; and
  • Sharing Relationship Maps with colleagues on Sales Navigator contracts to help enable asynchronous collaboration and ensure data integrity during account transfers.

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