MOCCA Membership Approaches 1,000 Members As Group Prepares For Third Annual Forum in San Francisco

Published: February 21, 2012

The organization was founded in 2006 by several early marketing operations professionals who sought to provide a forum for new industry resources and networking opportunities The organization is now the largest group of Marketing Operations professionals in the country, continuing its rapid growth across other industries.

The organization has a multi-tier membership model for professionals, corporate and partner members. The group regularly hosts live events across in Northern California and Washington D.C areas, as well as New York City.

Today’s Leadership Forum — reportedly the organization’s biggest to date — will host executives from B2B organizations including Down Jones, Blackboard, Vocus and BMS. The agenda includes best practice insight on lead nurturing, and supporting the CMO.

MOCCA also surveys its members on an annual basis to track their major topics of interest. Key findings from this year’s survey uncovered the need for peer-related information on the following key topics:

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  • Marketing Performance Measurement (reporting; KPIs; dashboards, etc.) (58%);
  • Marketing Data Management (36%); and
  • Marketing Operations Reviews (40%).

“As marketing operations has become a more popular topic and more people are doing it, one of the original responsibilities is getting overshadowed, and that’s being the chief of staff the CMO,” noted Larissa DeCarlo, Founder of MOCCA and President of Marketing Operations Works. “In some companies it’s still very much an important role. In some companies it’s been split out and there’s a program office and a marketing operations department. In some places it’s happening but not being recognized. In some places it’s not happening at all but it’s a really valuable way to connect directly to the CMO, so we’re featuring that as a topic.”

Other general topics of interest cited by respondents include: lead scoring (53) and lead nurturing (50%).

“The highest rated activities that people want us to facilitate are learning from experts about key topics and trends,” DeCarlo told DemandGen Report. “Then sharing ideas, solutions and best practices with peers, networking with peers, getting access to templates and tools and then identifying or filling job openings.”

In 2011, MOCCA finalized its membership platform and, in the coming year, will continue to develop its community, as well as content that suits member needs. The organization also will publish an annual content calendar for monthly webinars and other events.

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