New Casted Integrations Aim To Improve Podcasting Content For Increased Pipeline & ROI

Published: September 24, 2020

Casted, a podcasting platform, announced integrations with marketing technology providers HubSpot, Drift and WordPress, with the intent of helping B2B marketers deliver engaging content marketing experiences for buyers that drive greater pipeline and ROI.

These new integrations position marketers and brands to fully utilize Casted’s podcasting technology to improve their brand image and increase pipeline for true ROI. The integrations include:

  • An integration that connects podcast activity to Hubspot’s CRM, providing marketers with insights into buyer behavior and identifies podcast listeners for increased audience understanding;
  • A WordPress plugin that allows marketers to extract embedded podcast episodes or include block quotes within Casted’s platform directly to marketing content; and
  • An integration with Drift that provides customer episode history for marketers to engage with buyers based on their watch history.

By integrating with multiple B2B technology providers, Casted expects that marketers can create podcasting content that establishes strong connections with their buyers. 

“Podcasts offer B2B brands an incredible opportunity to connect with their audiences,” said Lindsay Tjepkema, CEO of Casted, in a statement. “Casted is here to support the marketing teams behind those shows and we couldn’t be more excited to announce integrations with these incredible partners. Together with HubSpot, Drift, and WordPress, Casted is empowering B2B marketing teams to further engage their audiences by tapping into the gold mine of expert-driven content within their podcasts, provide access to their teammates and agency partners, amplify it across other channels, and attribute it to the impact it’s making on the brand and the business.”

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