ON24 Reveals New Integration To Enhance Scheduling

Published: March 21, 2024

ON24, an intelligent engagement platform for B2B sales and marketing, integrated with Calendly, a scheduling automation platform, to help ON24 customers better schedule sales meetings across digital experiences.

With 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers expected to occur in digital channels by 2025, the new integration seeks to:

  • Support real-time scheduling of sales meetings and lead routing within ON24 webinar and virtual event experiences;
  • Track and measure meetings booked from ON24 to surface actionable buying signals; and
  • Automatically pass attendee contact information to Calendly.

“Our 2024 platform analysis of millions of B2B interactions shows that customers and prospects are engaging with experiences with higher buying intent and are converting to a sales meeting at increasing rates,” said Callan Young, CMO of ON24, in a statement. “We are excited to empower our customers to innovate their customer engagement, expedite the sales cycle and close deals faster.”

News Flashback

Earlier this year, ON24 launched the next generation of its platform, which features AI-powered intelligence to help enterprises continuously engage audiences through hyper-personalized experiences.

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Built on the company’s first-party data, the ON24 Intelligent Engagement Platform is designed to combine the company’s webinar, virtual event and content marketing products with its new AI-powered Analytics and Content Engine to help provide an integrated go-to-market solution.

If you’re interested in hearing more insights from the ON24 team, make sure to register for the upcoming Campaign Optimization Series where the company’s experts will share their insights on leveraging AI to scale webinars.

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