ON24 Unveils AI Engine Based On First-Party Digital Engagement Data

Published: March 14, 2023

ON24, a digital engagement platform, launched an AI engine designed to power platform innovations to help enterprises use AI to generate content, scale personalized experiences, orchestrate actions, analyze audience behavior and surface prospect buying intent.

Built on ON24’s foundation of first-party digital engagement data, the AI engine analyzes millions of human interactions gathered from more than a decade of digital experiences to:

  • Scale and optimize promotional content, including program titles, abstracts and emails, with an embedded generative AI tool;
  • Augment the delivery of live experiences with an AI-driven chatbot for frequently asked technical questions;
  • Deliver dynamically personalized content recommendations based on real-time prospect behavior;
  • Enable sales to act on prospects’ unique topical interests with a “Business Interest Cloud” report; and
  • Surface immediate audience feedback from live experiences with a “Key Moments” report.

“In today’s digital-first world, the companies with the best B2B buying experiences will win,” said Sharat Sharan, Co-founder and CEO of ON24, in a statement. “AI has tremendous potential to transform digital marketing and selling, but only if the human aspect is maintained. Our vision is to bring AI together with human engagement to help businesses cost-effectively grow pipeline and revenue without losing their brand’s unique differentiation.”

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