PaperShare Launches Content Analytics Tool

Published: July 29, 2013

PaperShare recently launched Actionable Content Analytics, a tool that gathers data for marketers so they know how a piece of content performed across all channels.

“By putting content at the center of our system, marketers have one view into all earned, owned and paid channels to provide a view of the best-performing channels,“ David Greschler, PaperShare CEO, told Demand Gen Report in a recent interview. “This provides marketers with rich analytics about a single piece of content, including the number of views, who viewed it and what channels the views came from.”

The Content Overview Dashboard lets marketers view content marketing performance as a whole, but they can also get a detailed view into an individual content item, Greschler explained. “PaperShare lets you drill down right into an individual user and their content consumption habits. When you know what content of yours any given person has interacted with, you know how to better serve that potential customer.”

The Content History Dashboard can show marketers how a piece of content has performed over any length of time, as well as every person who has consumed the content.

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Actionable Content Analytics also provides insight into how well partners and influencers are generating new viewers and leads, company officials noted. “Because marketers can turn content into ads with PaperShare’s AdClips, they can find out how the content underlying each ad is performing,” Greschler said, adding that gauging effectiveness of content marketing and enhancing reach ultimately brings improved leads quality.

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