Pardot Adds Integration With Citrix GoToWebinar, Cisco WebEx & ReadyTalk

Published: November 10, 2011

Pardot’s webinar integration is designed to enable marketers to register prospects for WebEx, ReadyTalk and GoToWebinar events from Pardot forms via completion actions. Marketers also can display registrations and attendance as activities in the prospect record and score them, and report on registrations and attendance for all webinar events. The integrations are designed to automatically pull in prospects who exist in WebEx, ReadyTalk or GoToWebinar but not yet in Pardot.

The Pardot webinar connector is focused on providing users the ability to integrate webinar data into their email and drip marketing efforts, automatically segmenting prospects into targeted campaigns based on the events for which they registered, whether or not they attended and other common factors. This information allows Pardot users to create targeted marketing messaging based on a prospect’s exact interests. Webinar actions like registrations are also displayed in the prospect activity record in Pardot and the CRM, giving sales teams added visibility into a prospect’s interaction with their brand.

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