Pardot Expands Lead Capture Capabilities To Facebook

Published: May 24, 2013

ExactTarget announced that its marketing automation platform Pardot is now integrated with Facebook, enabling marketers to acquire new prospects through the social media channel.

The new capability integrates Pardot’s technology into Facebook tabs built on ExactTarget’s SocialPages, enabling marketers to capture leads by providing prospects an opportunity to register for contests or special offers on Facebook.

 “Acquiring and nurturing leads is the lifeblood of B2B marketing automation,” said Scott Dorsey, Chairman and CEO of ExactTarget. “By extending Pardot to Facebook, we are bringing our expertise in B2C marketing automation to B2B.”

In addition to the Facebook integration, Pardot added other social features, including:

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Country, Language and Age Targeting: Brands can manage their Facebook presence by targeting tab content according to country, allowing users to optimize for language and segment for different age groups.

  • Device Optimization: Pardot will recognize the device a Facebook fan is viewing the page on and adjust the page’s display style according to desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet dimensions.

  • Absolute Positioning Editor: An expanded drag and drop interface for SocialPages with snap-to-grid capability.



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