Pipedrive Enhances ‘Automations’ Feature With 2 Updates

Published: September 29, 2023

Pipedrive, a sales CRM for small businesses, revealed two updates to its Automations feature, which is designed to help admins build and set up efficient workflows with their teams. Automations seeks to empower users to design, customize and implement automated tasks, ranging from lead management to sales procedures.

The first update was introduced to help salespeople seamlessly create and share automations with any user on their account, while the other update introduced a transfer feature to help admins transfer automations between users with a few clicks.

Additionally, Pipedrive helps salespeople set up automations that adapt sequences based on specific email conditions, such as recipient clicks or replies to messages, with a list view that allows users to filter, search, sort and categorize them with custom labels. The CRM also allows admin users to see full insights into workflows owned by other team members.

“Automation plays a pivotal role in sales by offering a substantial boost in efficiency, consistency and overall productivity,” said Pipedrive’s Chief Product Officer, Shaun Shirazian, in a statement. “Sales professionals, armed with intuitive and intelligent automation tools, become catalysts for transformative change within their organizations, elevating productivity, nurturing creativity, and accelerating business expansion. We’re excited to continue refining our powerful automation features, enabling our users to build trust with their customers as they systematically guide them through the sales journey.”

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