Qualified Releases Generative AI-Powered Feature To Augment Sales Outreach

Published: March 16, 2023

Qualified, a conversational marketing software, unveiled Qualified GPT, a set of Generative AI product capabilities that are designed to help B2B companies harness the power of AI and engage and convert their website visitors at scale.

Qualified GPT leverages machine learning and seeks to provide users with a range of generative text apps that can automate tasks such as engagement prompts, copywriting, messaging and chatbots. The solution was created to improve and adapt to the needs of its users in real-time, with specific features that include:

  • Automatically sending engagement prompts to website visitors that match a company’s ICP;
  • Correcting misspellings, fixing grammar errors and automatically proofreading responses;
  • Recommending changes to sales reps’ dialogue in real time;
  • Turning shorthand notes or bulleted lists into well-crafted messages;
  • Providing AI-powered recommended conversation responses and on-the-fly translation between languages;
  • Suggesting changes to website text based on visitor data; and
  • Sharing succinct read-outs of account activity.

“When we started Qualified more than four years ago, AI was all the buzz in Silicon Valley and we’ve seen some incredible uses of AI in both consumer and business applications,” said Bing Yang, Founder of Qualified, in a blog post. “At Qualified, our core philosophy has always been to provide the most powerful approach to pipeline generation using a combination of people, data and automation. With the rapid advancements in Generative AI, we will be able to provide even more robust automation to our customers, allowing them to scale their efforts, focus on their highest priority tasks and ultimately crush their pipeline and revenue targets.”

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