Red Sift Enhances Email Security Offerings Through Expanded Validity Partnership

Published: April 21, 2023

Quick Scoop:

  • Red Sift strengthened its partnership with Validity to improve email security offerings.
  • The partnership will help Validity gain broader exposure to potentially malicious IPs to strengthen its data network.
  • Red Sift customers will receive additional information on the performance and reputation of their email programs.

Red Sift, a digital resilience platform, expanded its partnership with data quality and email deliverability solutions provider Validity. Through the enhanced integration, Red Sift seeks to improve upon its email security offerings with enhanced customer experience and solution capabilities while Validity hopes to refine its data network.

According to the FBI’s annual Internet Crime Report, phishing attacks resulted in more victims than any other cyber threat in 2022, totaling more than $52 million in financial loss. According to the report, the consequences of these brand abuse attacks can cause significant reputational and financial damage to brands, as well as negatively impact customer loyalty.

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The expanded partnership is designed to minimize those threats. Red Sift will leverage Validity’s data network to receive sender reputation data signals, such as Sender Score, Validity Certified Allowlist and Validity Return Path Blocklist, to help improve domain reputation scoring within Red Sift’s OnDMARC solution. Simultaneously, Red Sift will provide data signals on malicious IPs back to Validity with the goal of enriching Validity’s data network.

“Identifying, mitigating and preventing brand abuse is a significant focus for Red Sift,” said Chuck Swenberg, SVP of Strategy for Red Sift, in a statement. “This new integration with Validity not only provides Red Sift and our customers with unique and unmatched data insights for email security, but it also solidifies our competitive advantage against other domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) vendors that cannot supplement first-party data with best-in-class partners like Validity.”

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