RollWorks Expands Tech Partner Ecosystem With Partnership

Published: August 18, 2022

RollWorks, an ABM platform and division of RollWorks, teamed up with, an offline engagement platform, to help B2B organizations create automated offline campaigns that provide fully integrated omnichannel ABM strategies. The partnership marks Postal’s first workflow collaboration with an ABM company, and is enabled by connecting data in HubSpot.

Postal’s platform helps organizations of all sizes manage their offline channels to increase sales velocity, employee engagement and brand loyalty. Through the partnership, joint users can:

  • Initiate a Postal gift when an account is spiking;
  • Trigger direct mail when an account shows intent or progresses in the buying journey; and
  • Automate gift sending to key stakeholders when target accounts reach certain engagement thresholds, such as number of impressions, ad clicks or page views.

The integration builds RollWorks’ June announcement of Sales Insights for HubSpot, which is an ABM tool that provides a 360-degree view of accounts throughout the buying journey to help B2B marketers drive timelier and more efficient sales outreach.

“The increased demand of offline marketing engagement is a testament to a change in the way companies are engaging with prospects, customers and employees,” said Erik Kostelnik, CEO of, in a statement. “Through the power of Postal and RollWorks, when you can orchestrate digital ABM programs with offline, your programs no longer have to be siloed and episodic. They are systematic, which ultimately drives efficiency and better outcomes.”

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