RollWorks Releases ABM Play Generator To Serve Up Tailored ABM Plays

Published: September 20, 2022

RollWorks, an ABM platform and division of NextRoll, partnered with intent data provider Bombora and gifting platform Sendoso to launch the RollWorks ABM Play Generator, an intuitive free tool that serves up actionable ABM plays personalized for each user’s individual business goals.

By answering five simple questions, anyone can receive an instant custom ABM play with easy steps to put into action immediately. Users will also receive a copy of the suggested play, a recommended bonus play and a marketer-to-marketer video walk through. All RollWorks ABM Play Generator plays include steps to engage target audiences, calls to action, suggested channels, measurements and pro tips, and are rated according to play cost, difficulty to execute and outcome. Snapshot of popular plays include:

  • The ABMifier, which seeks to “fire up” 1:many ABM channelsand isgeared toward B2B professionals who may experience flat pipelines despite incoming leads, feel ignored when passing leads to sales or need more leads;
  • The Pipeline Cruncher, which works to action in-market accounts to fill the demand gap for marketers who need to hit their pipeline goals; and
  • The Quality Qualifier, which helps teams that want to ensure quality marketing qualified accounts (MQA), increase the amount of MQA handoff opportunities from sales and show the entire potential of unknown buyers at an account.

“Whether you’re just getting started with ABM or looking for some fresh ideas to add to your current ABM programs, there is no one-size-fits all approach to ABM,” said Jodi Cerretani, VP of Revenue Marketing for RollWorks, in a statement. “The new RollWorks ABM Play Generator is a clever, super easy-to-use tool that gives any business an immediately actionable ABM play based on your unique circumstances.”

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