Salesforce Pardot Releases Automated Lead Nurturing Platform

Published: June 21, 2016

Salesforce Pardot has announced the general availability of Engagement Studio, the company’s nurture automation tool designed to build and visualize personalized buyer journeys and ultimately enhance lead nurturing capabilities.

Unveiled at Salesforce Connections 2016, the solution enables B2B marketers to create drag-and-drop nurture campaigns and manage all of their touchpoints with prospects and customers. The solution also integrates throughout Salesforce’s marketing and sales suites, allowing users to have access to every aspect of a campaign within a single location.

Users are also able to:

  • Create campaign templates for future programs, enabling marketers to reduce the time to produce and launch campaigns;
  • Visualize and test the nurture campaigns to identify potential gaps in the prospect’s path to purchase; and
  • Analyze, measure and share campaign performance.

“[Pardot Engagement Studio] gives marketers a big opportunity to easily create complicated and automated nurture campaigns,” said Pardot CMO Shannon Duffy in an interview with Demand Gen Report. “Marketers have to always be showing results; so we now have the ability to identify success and show those results by overlaying reporting capabilities over your nurture initiatives.”

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Duffy added that the solution is also designed to give B2B companies a clearer view of how leads have already engaged with their brand. This enables them to provide a holistic customer experience, while also giving sales reps the information they need to move prospects closer to a sale.

“There’s always so much personalization we can do, but you still need the sales piece. Now all this insight is being surfaced to the salesperson to have those in-depth conversations.”

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